The Local Artisan

Posted by James Potts on

Today begins the exciting journey of discovery into the talented world of our local artisans.

Please allow me to introduce our first local Artist:

Originally from Connecticut, Ken Bouthillier was heavily into art and comic books as a youth, but gave it all up to have a rewarding career in warehousing and manufacturing operations.  Healthy all his life, never once in a hospital, in 2018 he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and nearly lost everything.  Unable to work and bored out of his mind, Ken's wife suggested taking an art class.  Ken immediately fell back in love with art and his childhood past time.  He started making contacts on Facebook with other creators all over the world.  He now sells his paintings and publishes an original comic book, Zindagi, just for the love of it.

The Merchant is pleased to be able to showcase Ken's ability in the various art forms of Fashion Design, Home Decor, Original Prints and many other platforms that illustrate his talent and his passion.   

Please take the time to explore the New Artisan section.  We will be adding more exciting products daily based on Ken's talents and graphic designs.


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