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     Welcome to my exciting new venture.  I am developing an online store that tries to touch the hearts and minds of all of us. I will be featuring local artist and craftsman's designs and products, allowing them a venue to express their knowledge and creativity.

     Included will be my passion for the knowledge of History with my section dedicated to Antiques and Collectibles. I will be blogging about the certain different eras and how the pieces of their day helped and influenced how we got here today.

     Finally I will be offering and introducing one of a kind, not sold in stores apparel and merchandise that speaks to you, you're group or organization.Special gift items made either by my featured craftsman or from myself and my designer friends that speak to you're specific niche ie: Teachers, Athletes. Soccer Moms, Millennia and Baby Boomers, Nurses, Grandparents, Animal lovers, History buffs, Bird Watchers, Gardeners and many, many more.

     Today's feature items are a set of 4 12 oz Ale glasses. From San Diego is the "Green Flash Brewing Co." that specializes in Fine Handcrafted Ales, The "Sonoran" Brewing Co that produces  "The Burning Bird Ale", "Post Road Brewery" that is known for it's Pumpkin Ale made with pumpkin and spices and finally "The Hornsby's Draft Cider (An alcohol Beverage) 

     I hope you like my little store and like, refer and visit it often. I'm always interested in suggestions and ideas from you and please ask me for any item, any antique, any collectible or any design you want and I will try my best to get that item or gift for you.

Thank you:

The Merchant of Bradenton

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