Classic Coke Verde 17.2 oz McDonald Giveaway Set of 4

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The Year 2019 marks the 10-years anniversary of Summer Drink Days Genuine 17.2 ounce glass tinted Georgia green with embossed script and flared flutes Glassware is made of heavy Georgia green embossed glass in the registered contour shape Licensed glassware made by Libbey Glass is dishwasher safe This glass will fit your hand as well as the Coca-Cola contour bottle does! Exceptional design and quality glasses. This really surpasses all expectations for this product. The logo and design of this glass is truly beautiful. It's almost identical to an old school coca-cola bottle but bigger. It's nice and sturdy, not like the many cheap imitations out on the market. These glasses are firm & thick walled and could withstand a lot more abuse than most other glasses. Your focus will be gazing at the extraordinarily beautiful embossed logo. It is also worth noting that the logo or design is not affected by the seam because the logo is centered to the seam. I'd highly recommend these, you won't find better quality than this.

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