Handmade Piggy Banks from "Pennies Count"

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"Piggy Banks, original designs, hand crafted creations by Tammy, like nothing else out there. Her own style and flair. Each bank the size of a standard one gallon paint can, is brand new, and the design can be a request of any subject matter—cartoons, sports, animals, landscapes, etc. For kids, parents and grandparents alike! A key is attached to open the bank, but we really think you should leave it sealed until its full (so don’t tell the little ones it’s a key!). Not designed to hold any food or liquid for consumption."

A perfect and unique way to start your child on his/her saving tradition. Maybe you like to save up for a rainy day! Then this adorable paint can is for you! Featuring fun familiar paper designs. It makes saving a treat! The Piggy Banks are recommend to be cleaned by using baby wipes. All paint cans are washed and sanitized prior to decorating. All paint cans are brand new and have never had paint in them. Tammy can personalize any design with your child's or Grandchild's name. She also offers special requests for any college or professional sport design If you want a bank based on a mouse or an avenger please let her know and we'll see what she can do. The Creator: "Tammy Bouthillier has had the creative bug all her life. Originally from Connecticut, she spent many years on scrap-booking, photography and making wedding cakes. Her most recent craft of choice is making 'piggy banks' out of paint cans under the banner, "Pennies Count". She can custom design any request for the banks and has sold them all over New England to children, parents and grandparents, prior to moving to Bradenton a few years ago. She is happy to now present them to the Sunshine State through The Merchant of Bradenton!"

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